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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: Are animation, film, and documentary work eligible for this submission?

A: Any film work that the filmmaker considers to be a contemporary work of art is eligible for submission.


Q: Do all films need to be subtitled?

A: In order to ensure a thorough understanding of the content of the work, please include Japanese subtitles if the work includes audio in a language other than Japanese.


Q:Is it possible to use a video ratio (aspect ratio) of 4:3?

A:Yes, 4:3 is acceptable, but if your film wins an award or is selected for an award, it will be presented in a 16:9 ratio.


Q:Can I submit a work that has already been entered in other contests (results undecided) for this entry?

A: It is acceptable as long as it has not won an award as of May 31, 2022.


Q: In the submission form, there is a column titled "About the work (about 200 words)". Do I need to fill out that column? Will it affect the judging process?

A: The "About the work" section is not required, but it may affect the judging process as it will be used as supplementary material for the judging.


Q:Can I submit from outside Japan?

A:We are accepting submissions from a wide range of regions, so we accept submissions from overseas as well.


Q: The submission form states that entries must be submitted via USB flush drive or SD card by mail. Will the USB flush drive or SD card be returned?

A: We do not accept submissions by e-mail. USB flush drives or SD cards will not be returned.


Q:Can I correct or return my work after it has been submitted?

A: We do not accept corrections or returns of the work after it has been submitted.


Q:Is it possible for a teacher or other faculty member to coordinate the submission for a class or a seminar?

A: Yes, it is possible. In this case, please make sure that we do not mix up the submission form and the work data.

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